Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance in Jacksonville, NC

If you are in need of extra income, you may have decided to turn your home into a duplex and rent out the second floor. Maybe you are moving away and want to rent out your home before it sells. This is a stressful and worrisome process, especially if you don’t have a proper renters or Landlord Insurance. Luckily, Advantage Insurance Agency offers in-depth renters coverage at affordable rates.

As a landlord, you have probably experienced many instances of picture-hanging gone wrong, fish tanks that break and cause floods three floors down, and a vast array of other careless occupancy horror stories. This is where a great insurance policy can come through for you. 

Whether you rent condos or have an entire apartment complex, you have to protect this huge investment. When things break, they need to be fixed, and the land needs to be cared for and tended to so it is not a liability for your tenants.

Landlord Insurance Jacksonville, NC
Call upon Advantage Insurance Agency for a property protection insurance policy that is right for you!
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